Monday, 8 August 2016

Nursing Care At Home

Nursing care is very much essential for patients who are suffering from long lasting diseases or serious life threatening diseases. It will be very comfortable for patients, if the nursing care is given at their home itself. This will provide easy access to friends, family members and colleagues. Thus, makes the patient relaxed and feel secured.

Nursing care at home will make all the difference in patient's health irrespective of all illness and injuries. Dard satya is a pioneer in providing nursing care at home. In addition, it provides the best palliative care services in Delhi.

The following are the support and services provided by Dard satya at home:
  • General medical advice and nursing care
  • ICU care at home
  • Palliative care
  • Care of Neurological/Neurosurgical patient at home
  • Rehabilitation care at home
  • Post surgical care
  • Post chemotherapy care
  • Post radiation care
  • Post transplant care
  • Care of bedridden patient
  • Stoma care at home
In addition to this, it also provides ventilator care at home, pain management interventions, bed sore care at home, bereavement care, psychosocial support, physiotherapy etc. 

Dard satya provides the best home care and nursing care services across India. The team comprises experienced palliative care doctors and nurses who is capable of providing best palliative health care in Delhi. Our main aim is to reduce the pain and suffering of patients affected with chronic diseases.

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