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Relief from Cancer Pain

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells which results in damage of tissues. In some cases the cell growth lead to tumor. There are different types of cancers affecting various organs and damaging various body parts. Cancer pain is caused by the pressing of tumors on to the bones, muscles, nerves or other body organs. Cancer treatment is provided to the patients in a  wide range, but cancer pain treatment is not given much importance. It is time to rethink. Give relief from pain to our near and dear ones, Dardsatya is here to help you.
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Types Of Cancer Pain
Cancer pain are of different types, based on the cause and type of pain treatment also varies.
  1. Nerve pain: It is caused due to the presence of excess pressure on nerves.
  2. Bone pain: Here cancer spreads into bone and damage bone tissues causing bone pain.
  3. Soft tissue pain: It is the pain caused from body organ or muscle.  
  4. Phantom pain: Here pain is felt on the removed  part of body.
  5. Referred pain: Here pain is caused on one part but felt on different organ
The main aim of Palliative Care is to make patient comfortable during the entire course of the treatment. It gives relief to patients, control the  side effects and will improves the lifetime of patient.
Mode of Treatment
  • Drugs to reduce pain
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Supplements to ease side effects of treatment
  • Counselling to improve the mental health and reduce stress
  • Yoga, meditation and other exercises are also provided.
Dardsatya provides the highest level of ease and relief that can be given at home, here we provide the service of  experienced doctors which help the patient in reducing pain and stress. The team of dardsatya  provides and promotes Pain and Palliative care to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases at home.

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